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ELDOMINVEST continuously invests in the technical equipment improvement and production processes automation. Our production machines and equipment are currently the most up-to-date in the branch and supplied by most prestigious manufacturers.
Technological processes in ELDOMINVEST manufacture are, as follows:

  • Processing steel sheets;
  • Deep drawing by hydraulic presses with programmable control
  • Precise laser cutting;
  • Casting Magnesium alloys;
  • Plastics forming by programmable injection moulding machines;
  • MAG, MIG and VOG welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including thread sockets and nipples automatic welding;
  • Steel sheets electro contact welding;
  • Shot blasting of serpentines and water tanks before enameling;
  • Chemical treatment of water tanks by a ground coating unit;
  • Wet and electrostatic powder enameling;
  • Gas enameling furnaces, one of them of an enormous capacity and serving all volumes up to 2000 l of water heaters;
  • Corrugating rust-proof tubes;
  • Applying decorative powder coatings in white or INOX colours;
  • Injection of CFC-free polyurethane;
  • Assembling the appliances;
  • Testing the ready products by final control equipment;
  • Manufacture of instrumental equipment.

The modern equipment, together with the “Technical Development” Department and the Instrumental Equipment Workshop allow that ELDOMINVEST can perform custom orders, by customers’ special requirements.


Production and Technologies