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Our mission, vision and values are not just advertising expressions. They reflect our inner principles that have always been leading us in all our undertakings, no matter whether of market, social or company character.
Our vision

To be a leading manufacturer in inovative products with high quality and reliability, satisfying for the growing customer's criteria and their specific needs.
To be the preferred and loyal partner to leading manufacturers, distributors and installation companies looking for high quality, long-term relationships and individual approach.
Our mission
To prove us as a loyal partner and competitive supplier, capable of satisfying any specific needs, through high quality products and flexible and innovative solutions.
Our values

  • Traditions and expertise, including our partners’ expertise add to our knowledge. Because we trust that future belongs to those who know where they come from, remember the way they’ve passed and have learned the lessons;
  • Positivity, passion and faith in everything we do;
  • Long-term partnership relations built on mutual loyalty, honesty and transparency. We value our partners and insist on knowing well them, and their markets and needs. We aim at developing our relationship in time, by continuously adding to our range and improving the level of accompanying services;
  • Focusing over our clients’ needs. We know that our own success depends directly on our clients’ success and this makes them our partners. Having realized this fact, it is our main priority that we meet as many requirements as possible that our clients may have related to our products, extra services and technical performance, so we enhance their market success;
  • Continuous investments in technological innovations and development different activities, so that we are always capable to offer competitive products adequate to the contemporary market trends. We do not allow any compromise in terms of quality, thus the opening of the “Test Laboratory” autonomous section is one of the means to guarantee the high quality of our products;
  • Continuous investments in our human resources, for we know that our chances to succeed will get better, should we have behind our back a qualified and motivated staff of a strong team spirit and creative sight;
  • Social engagement to the contemporary social problems for we are, through our employees and clients a part of the society and cannot stay unengaged to the things that excite us.