Introducing the ELDOM T-water heaters with 120 and 150 liters capacity. These heat pump systems are last generation higher energy efficient systems ‘air – water.’ The heat pump water heaters are unique on the Bulgarian market and successfully replace the conventional electric water heaters.

The Green Line Т-water heaters provide all the features of ELDOM electric water heaters. They also have significant advantages to other heat pump water heaters available on the national market:

  • OVER THREE TIMES LESS POWER CONSUMPTION. ELDOM Т-water heaters have conversion coefficient (COP) of 1 : 3,4*.

(* water heating from 15° C to 55° C at 25° C ambient temperature).

  • INSTALLATION ON THE SAME LOCATION OF THE OLD ELECTRIC WATER HEATER – having identical dimensions with the electric water heater allows easy installation of the T-water heater in the same place.

  • ACCESSIBLE INVESTMENT – when used year round the system repays completely its price within the warranty period (3 years full warranty).

  • Special Japan made digital expansion valve securing heat pump higher efficiency even at low temperatures.

  • Innovative capacitor – The ELDOM T-water heater is equipped with external aluminum heat exchanger mounted around the tank and having large contact area.

  • Integrated in the water heater intelligent digital control of highest class with several functions. The device is made in Bulgaria especially for the ELDOM T-water heaters.

  • The heat pump water heaters may be purchased on leasing from all trade outlets in the country having contracts with leasing institutions.

Specialised workshops around the country are certified with trained personnel in order to secure reliable installation and maintenance of the ELDOM T-water heaters. The system installation price is unified for the country – 200 BGN for tubing up to 5 m.

ELDOM heat pump water heaters are designed for household use and serve to provide hot water from the water supply network to several consumer points – kitchen, bathroom, etc.

* For efficient operation of the heat pump system we recommend a distance between the water tank and the outdoor unit up to 5 meters.

  • The maximum tubing length may be of 8 (say: eight) meters.

  • The system operates by transferring heat energy from the environment to the water tank, thus heating water contained. Energy is extracted directly from the air. A small quantity of electricity is required to operate the compressor. The amount of heat produced by the heat pump operation is more than three times the input electricity.

What determines the increasingly widespread use of water heaters of this class?

The European Commission adopted an approach to establish efficient strategy for radical solution of the power consumption on the EU territory. On September 11, 2012 the European Parliament adopted on first reading and new Directive on Energy Efficiency. The directive introduces compulsory measures for Member States to provide more efficient power consumption throughout the supply chain – from production through transmission to power consumption. This Directive in combination with the Eco-design Directive (EuP) shall introduce permanent EU-wide rules for environmental performance improvement of energy related products (ERPs).

The two groups of energy related products which use has significant impact on power consumption in the EU include:

  • EuP that use, produce and transform energy (electricity, gas, fossil fuels), such as boilers, water heaters, computers, TVs, transformers, industrial fans, industrial furnaces and more.

  • Other energy related products (ERP systems), which do not use directly energy but have direct impact on the energy efficiency and can help save energy, such as windows, insulation materials, showers, taps and more.

In foreseeable future the conventional electric water heaters with mechanic control shall gradually be replaced with water heaters of higher energy class – water heaters with digital control and water heaters operated with renewable energy /heat pump and solar water heaters/.

In line with global trends in use of green energy ELDOMINVEST designed the ELDOM T-water heaters. The heat pump operated water heaters ELDOM consist of two parts: outdoor unit with compressor and heat exchanger, and indoor unit – water heater with integrated capacitor, T-water heater. Both units are connected with pipes through which flows refrigerant R417a.

Since December 2012 ELDOMINVEST markets the following heat pump water heater models: HPS120, HPS120H, HPS150 and HPS150H.




Water heater nominal volume

120 l

150 l

Heat pump nominal rated output

3000 W

Electric heater rated power

2500 W

Nominal volume

220-230 V~

Heat pump nominal electric capacity

780 W

Heat pump maximum electric power

1020 W

Refrigerant R417A

0,8 kg

Operating temperature range

-10° ÷ 40°

Water tank nominal pressure

0,8 MPa

Outdoor unit waterproof class


Indoor unit water protection class


Outdoor unit level of noise

49 dB(A)

Indoor unit sizes

Ø 460 x 1160 mm

Ø 460 1400 mm

Outdoor unit size

760 x 260 x 540 mm


HPS” – means ‘heat pump system.’

Numbers 120 and 150 designate the water tank volume - 120 liters or 150 liters.

„Н“ – means that the unit water tank is made of chrome-nickel alloy steel.