Installation Vertical
Control electronic control
Water tank Enameled
Nominal power (kW) 2x1+1
Nominal pressure [MPa] 0.7
MIX 40 ºC [l] 125
Type of electric heating element Dry heating element
Water heating energy efficiency class B
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 1033 x 511 x 279
Weight [kg] 29

Introducing ELDOM Galant – the new line of ELDOMINVEST water heaters of flat design.


In these models, dry tubular heating elements are not in direct contact with water but are TIGHTLY MOUNTED in specially designed metal cladding through which they transfer heat.

The perfect solution for areas where tap water is:

- with high carbonate content (limestone), which supposes greater scale formation;
- water is too soft and its aggressive action causes corrosion processes on the heating element itself.


  • Dry tubular heating elements have long service life because they are not in direct contact with aggressive waters.
  • High energy efficiency – heating elements are tightly mounted in specially designed metal cladding through which they transfer heat without significant heat loss.
  • No calcareous deposits on heating elements.
  • Easy maintenance - the dry heating element can be replaced easily, if necessary, without having to drain water from the heater.


Why ELDOM Galant water heater is the most balanced consumer choice?

  • It is the only water heater with a POWERFUL mode – It is the only water heater with a POWERFUL mode – for a shorter heating time ELDOM Galant provides a very large amount of warm water. This is possible through the simultaneous operation of the two heating elements with a total power of 3.3kW.
  • Remote control via the Internet – easy and convenient access to ELDOM appliances from all over the world.
  • Maximum amount of heated water in a minimum time. A specific example with ELDOM DU080 model: in only 30 minutes you will have 35 liters of warm water sufficient for 5-minute shower (at a flow rate 6 L/min). In 2 hours, the water heater will provide over 120 liters of warm water at 40°С.
  • SMART mode – In accordance with Regulation (EU) 814/2013 and European standard EN 50440. The intuitive self-learning software monitors the warm water consumption from the water heater for a period of one week and adapts its operation in the future.
  • SUPER SAVING – regimes enabling operation during night low-cost periods.
  • Weekly programmer with time and date setting and a Holiday mode – a unique option for delayed start at a time of your convenience;     Countdown timer to display the remaining heating time with an indication for the Shower Ready mode;
  • Ant-Legionella function, which is designed to eliminate the dangerous Legionella microbes in water;
  • Real-time self-test;
  • Visual display of the current temperature in each water tank;
  • You have the option to set with high accuracy the desired water temperature;
  • Display of information for the electricity used and water temperatures for the last 3 days.
  • An option to be mounted in confined areas thanks to its slim design (only 279 mm).
  • LONG LIFE – we use SHIELD technology – hot-water resistant zirconia-based coating of water tanks.
  • SECURITY – Galant models have the unique 6-stage protection of all ELDOM water heaters, including a unique oval-shaped flange of each water tank that protects from overpressure incidents.
  • Anticorrosion protection – only ELDOM Galant have four anodes (two in each water tank), which guarantees perfect protection of the entire storage volume.
  • Adaptive color display
  • Vertical position for the models with dry tubular heating elements
  • Guaranteed origin - all ELDOM Galant models are manufactured in Europe