Water heater 80 L, with dry tube heating elements 2х1000 W, Slim



Installation Vertical
Control mechanical control
Capacity range 80
Nominal power (kW) 2
Nominal pressure [MPa] 0.7
Type of electric heating element Dry heating element
Water heating energy efficiency class C
IP protection IP24
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 1133 x 387 x 410
Weight [kg] 26

- Two dry tube heaters – the heating element does not go into a direct contact with water; it is tightly fitted inside a thin tube which is enameled together with the water tank flange. The lack of calcareous precipitations on heater and water tank whole inside surface maintains the energy efficiency of water heater and extends its life-time;
- Stylish SLIM design – With an elegant and easy to use control panel;
- Safe & Reliable – with a unique “6-level protection”;
- ENERGY-SAVING – highly efficient and thick thermal insulation made of HFO polyurethane foam with 97% closed cells;
- Long life – high temperatures resistant water tank coating, due to the innovative enamel formula with increased content of zirconium (Zr);
- Аnti-corrosion protection – а magnesium anode protecs the entire water tank volume from the corrosive processes;
- Special elliptic flange, know-how of ELDOMINVEST;
- Safety class IP24;
- External capillary thermostat;
- Capillary thermal cut out;
- Combined PBT safety valve “3 in 1” – performing the actions of a balancing, check and differential valve;
- Temperature indicator;
- On / off light indication;
- Luminous double switch.


Water heater 80 L, with dry tube heating elements 2х1000 W, Slim