Water heater 100 L, 2.0 kW, enameled



Installation Vertical
Control mechanical control
Water tank Enameled
Capacity range 100
Nominal power (kW) 2
Nominal pressure [MPa] 0,7
Water heating energy efficiency class C
IP protection IP24
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 1000 x 435 x 457
Weight [kg] 25

- Stylish EDGE DESIGN – With an elegant and easy to use control panel;
- Safe & Reliable – with a unique “6-level protection”;
- ENERGY-SAVING – highly efficient and thick thermal insulation made of HFO polyurethane foam with 97% closed cells;
- Long life – high temperatures resistant water tank coating, due to the innovative enamel formula with increased content of zirconium (Zr);
- Аnti-corrosion protection – а magnesium anode protecs the entire water tank volume from the corrosive processes;
- Special elliptic flange, know-how of ELDOMINVEST;
- Safety class IP24;
- External capillary thermostat;
- Capillary thermal cut out;
- Combined PBT safety valve “3 in 1” – performing the actions of a balancing, check and differential valve;
- Temperature indicator;
- On / off light indication.


Water heater 100 L, 2.0 kW, enameled