Combination water heater with a large heat exchanger, 120L.



Water tank Enameled
Capacity range 120
Nominal pressure [MPa] 0.6
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 1170 x 462 x 462
Weight [kg] 50

  • This indirect water heater is specially designed to operate in compact installations – with single-loop gas boiler, pellet stoves and boilers, or with solar systems;
  • The TSL model provides a continuous flow of hot water due to a large high performance heat exchanger located throughout the whole volume of the water tank. Throught the heat exchanger the excess heat entering from the boiler heats the water in the water tank. The accumulated hot water is used by the consumer for current household needs;
  • The heat exchanger has a large inner diameter – G3/4;
  • It is possible to easily install a back-up screwed-in type electric heating element at the lower part of the water tank;
  • Conveniently located outlets for easy installation and maintenance;
  • Socket for recirculation;
  • Thermal sensor socket for automated synchronization with boiler operation;
  • Drainage socket;
  • Built-in temperature indicator;
  • A 6-bar combined metal safety valve is supplied with the appliance;
  • All the benefits of ELDOM appliances:

  • ENERGY SAVING – 33 mm thick and dense thermal insulation of HFO polyurethane foam with 97% closed cells to ensure minimum heat losses;
  • SAFE – with reliable protections by ELDOM;
  • LONG-LIFE – reliable protection against corrosion:

          - SHIELD technology – an innovative formula of wear-resistant enamel coating with increased content of Zirconium;
          - Cathode anti-corrosion system made of two active magnesium anodes to protect the entire volume of the water tank.
          - Durable metal casing.


Combination water heater with a large heat exchanger, 120L.