Installation bi-position
Control electronic control
Water tank Enameled
Nominal volume [l] 50
Nominal power (kW) 2,1+1,2
Nominal pressure [MPa] 0,7
Type of electric heating element Immersion heating element
Water heating energy efficiency class B
Annual electricity consumption [kWh/annum] 1274
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 838 x 511 x 279
Weight [kg] 25

Introducing ELDOM Galant – the new line of ELDOMINVEST water heaters of flat design. ELDOM Galant water heaters are the most powerful in this category. Only in this line, heating elements (2.1 kW + 1.2 kW) in the two water tanks can operate together or separately. This innovation of ELDOMINVEST guarantees a large amount of hot water.

Why ELDOM Galant water heater is the most balanced consumer choice?

  • It is the only water heater with a POWERFUL mode – It is the only water heater with a POWERFUL mode – for a shorter heating time ELDOM Galant provides a very large amount of warm water. This is possible through the simultaneous operation of the two heating elements with a total power of 3.3kW.
  • Remote control via the Internet – easy and convenient access to ELDOM appliances from all over the world.
  • Maximum amount of heated water in a minimum time. A specific example with ELDOM DU080 model: in only 30 minutes you will have 35 liters of warm water sufficient for 5-minute shower (at a flow rate 6 L/min). In 2 hours, the water heater will provide over 120 liters of warm water at 40°С.
  • SMART mode – In accordance with Regulation (EU) 814/2013 and European standard EN 50440. The intuitive self-learning software monitors the warm water consumption from the water heater for a period of one week and adapts its operation in the future.
  • Bi-position – ELDOM Galant can be installed either in a vertical or horizontal position (left).
  • SUPER SAVING – regimes enabling operation during night low-cost periods.
  • Weekly programmer with time and date setting and a Holiday mode – a unique option for delayed start at a time of your convenience;  Countdown timer to display the remaining heating time with an indication for the Shower Ready mode;
  • Ant-Legionella function, which is designed to eliminate the dangerous Legionella microbes in water;
  • Real-time self-test;
  • Visual display of the current temperature in each water tank;
  • You have the option to set with high accuracy the desired water temperature;
  • Display of information for the electricity used and water temperatures for the last 3 days.
  • An option to be mounted in confined areas thanks to its slim design (only 279 mm).
  • LONG LIFE – we use SHIELD technology – hot-water resistant zirconia-based coating of water tanks.
  • SECURITY – Galant models have the unique 6-stage protection of all ELDOM water heaters, including a unique oval-shaped flange of each water tank that protects from overpressure incidents.
  • Anticorrosion protection – only ELDOM Galant have four anodes (two in each water tank), which guarantees perfect protection of the entire storage volume.
  • Adaptive color display – the layout is rotated according to the mounting position.
  • Guaranteed origin - all ELDOM Galant models are manufactured in Europe