Buffer tank 200 L, two heat exchangers, non-enamelled

BCS2 200K60


Water tank Non-enameled
Capacity range 200
Nominal pressure [MPa] 0.3
Number of heat exchangers 2
Energy efficiency class B
Standing loss [W] 49
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 1430 x 600 x 600
Weight [kg] 72
Nominal volume [l] 184

• A unique heat energy accumulator in drinking water systems. Provides for hot water needs for a long period of time, with no serpentines inside. The buffer vessel allows for convenient ways to connect and control through the number of technological holes /sockets/ and could be installed anywhere.
• The model with two coils provides for many opportunities, such as to combine several different and independent heat sources emitting energy (solar collector, boiler, heat pump, etc.), and as well to operate simultaneously different energy consumers (floor heating, radiators, water convectors, etc.).
• ENERGY SAVING - CFC free insulation of environmentally friendly formula of polyurethane foam of high density and thickness of 75 mm to ensure minimum heat losses;
• Sensor socket – with a thermal sensor fitted inside to send data to the heating system control;
• Temperature indicator – to report boiler water heating temperature;
• Casing made of a synthetic INOX-coloured wear-proof material.
• This special purpose tank is non-enamelled which particularly makes it unsuitable for hot water sanitary needs.


Buffer tank 200 L, two heat exchangers, non-enamelled