Buffer tank 80 l, enameled

BCE 80


Water tank Enameled
Capacity range 80
Nominal pressure [MPa] 0.6
Number of heat exchangers -
Energy efficiency class C
Standing loss [W] 60
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 810 x 462 x 470
Weight [kg] 31.5
Nominal volume [l] 75


Ideal extra component to the heat pump  systems, ensuring their optimal working upon the change of the operating modes. The models are suitable for different types of installation according to the requirements of the whole system - wall mounting (vertical or horizontal) ot floor standing.


  • ENERGY SAVING - CFC free insulation of environmentally friendly formula of polyurethane foam of high density and thickness of 33 mm to ensure minimum heat losses
  • Removable cover made of ABS material with excellent strength and impact and heat resistance
  • SHIELD technology - high temperatures resistant water tank coating, due to the innovative enamel formula with increased content of Zirconium
  • Cathodic protection - two magnesium anodes system optimally protects the entire water tank volume against corrosion
  • Socket for additional heating element
  • Recirculation socket
  • Temperature sensor socket
  • Venting ball valve
  • Domestic hot water
  • Outlets for easy installation and maintenance
  • The buffer tank is available in two versions - with outputs on the left side and outputs on the right side (BCE*** and BCE***R)





Buffer tank 80 l, enameled