Instantaneous water heater Eldom with metal head mixing tap, 6,5 kW



Nominal power (kW) 6,5
Voltage [V] 220-230 V
Nominal pressure [MPa] 0,0
Installation For kitchen
Energy efficiency class A
Annual electricity consumption [kWh/annum] 496
Load profile XS
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 232 x 145 x 85
Weight [kg] 2

- For installation in kitchens, as well as in premises without hot water pipes. The water heaters are installed at the place of use.
- Fully equipped for installation. No additional purchase of mixing tap or hoses is necessary.
- Slender design.
- Heat the water as it passes through them, thus eliminating completely heat losses.
- Very easy to install – the device is mounted directly on the cold water supply pipe.
- Metal head mixing tap with ergonomic winch.
- Power 6,5 kW.
- Double illuminated waterproof switch.
- Equipped with supply cord for connection to installation contact.
- Works on AC.
- Four level protection:
1. Protection against electric injuries - all metal and conductive elements of water heaters are connected with earthling conductors to the device protective terminal.
2. Protection against water overheating by regulating water temperature range of heat - water heaters come with factory installed thermostatic devices, which automatically maintain the water temperature within certain limits. After reaching the temperature set, the thermostat switches off the water heater supply circuit.
3. Protection in case of decrease in pressure in the water supply network – water heaters are equipped with reliable protective system which in case of decreased pressure or stop of water supply do not switch on the device.
4. Protection against excessive pressure - the devices have built-in diaphragm valve that protects the structure from any increase of pressure in the water tank above a certain value. In such case, the valve membrane ears out and the water flows out of the unit.


Instantaneous water heater Eldom with metal head mixing tap, 6,5 kW