Heat Pump Water Heater 120l., Enameled



Water tank Enameled
Capacity range 120
Water heating energy efficiency class A
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 1170 x 462 x 484
Weight [kg] 36

ELDOM Green Line Heat Pump Water Heaters are the latest generation “air-water” type with the highest-class of energy efficiency. These models successfully replace the traditional electric water heaters. These models have all the features of the traditional electric water heaters ELDOM but they also offer some significant advantages:

  • Over three times less power consumption
  • Affordable investment – the costs are refunded through energy economy within its warranty period (up to 2 years)
  • Easy replacement of the old electrical water heater due to the identical dimensions
  • Japanese electronic thermal valve providing high efficiency of the heat pump even at a low ambient temperature
  • Innovative condenser – equipped with an aluminum heat exchanger covering the tank externally with a significant heat exchanging area
  • Intelligent electronic control of the highest class incorporated in the water heater
  • Temperature heated up to 55C through the air energy. In addition, optional heating of up to 75C by means of an electric heating element



Heat Pump Water Heater 120l., Enameled