Buffer tank 300 L, one heat exchanger, non-enamelled

BCS 300K


Water tank Non-enameled
Capacity range 300
Nominal pressure [MPa] 0.3
Number of heat exchangers 1
Energy efficiency class B
Standing loss [W] 50
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 1605 x 670 x 670
Weight [kg] 83
Nominal volume [l] 264

• A unique heat energy accumulator in drinking water systems. Provides for hot water needs for a long period of time, with no serpentines inside. The buffer vessel allows for convenient ways to connect and control through the number of technological holes /sockets/ and could be installed anywhere.
• The single coil model allows for two simultaneous different heating sources to supply energy to the buffer (for example from the sun and boiler).
• ENERGY SAVING - CFC free insulation of environmentally friendly formula of polyurethane foam of high density and thickness of 85 mm to ensure minimum heat losses;
• Sensor socket – with a thermal sensor fitted inside to send data to the heating system control;
• Temperature indicator – to report boiler water heating temperature;
• Casing made of a synthetic INOX-coloured wear-proof material.
• This special purpose tank is non-enamelled which particularly makes it unsuitable for hot water sanitary needs.


Buffer tank 300 L, one heat exchanger, non-enamelled