Combined built-in cooktop PVK 701

PVK 701


Voltage [V] 230 V~
Rated power of radiation plate Ø180 mm [W] 1550 / 1700
Rated power of radiation plate Ø145 mm [W] -
Rated power of a small gas burner [W] -
Rated power of the average gas burner [W] 1750
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 120 x 289 x 510
Weight [kg] 5

- Glass ceramic top with one fast heating radiant heating zone concentrating the heat, this leading to substantial ail savings of electric energy;
- One gas burner;
- Burner is universal  – for both propane butane and natural gas. Switching between operation modes is very quick, the system remaining de-hermetization protected;
- ODS protection;
- Level of protection against moist penetration – IPX 1;
- Built-in thermostat to ensure six stages of power control;
- Temperature stop – to protect plate and top from overheating and ensure economical operation;
- Yellow signal lamp – indicating that there are heating zones turned on,
- Red signal lamps – indicating residual heat.

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Combined built-in cooktop PVK 701