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SMART devices

The digital revolution has changed every aspect of our lives. We, at ELDOMINVEST, understand that the keyword of 21st century is Convenience and we reach out to offer exactly that to our customers.

There are these so-called Smart devices, which not only have the ability to analyse, but also to change the way the appliance works by adapting to changing conditions. By doing this, they recall us, the people, from this task. For a device to be truly Smart, according to the modern understanding, it must have remote internet access capability.

Our purpose at ELDOMINVEST has always been not to just make any decisions that are suitable for the minimum requirements of our partners and customers, but to provide the best solution in every aspect, starting from the moment of purchase, when competitive price and functionality of the appliance are from great importance, through installation and commissioning, to warranty and post-warranty customer service.


For the ease of users, the management of all ELDOM appliances with Wi-Fi communication module takes place through a single mobile application MY ELDOM”, which provides:

- The app is intuitive and very easy to use

- Remote control through the Internet – The system works with data transmissions over the Internet, thanks to which it does not matter where you are and where your appliances are located. You can control them easily and conveniently from anywhere around the world, all you need is Internet connection in both locations.

- Full control over the operation of the appliance – This provides not just the ability to turn the appliance on and off, but remote adjustment of absolutely all operating variables and options provided in the multifunction menu on your tablet or smartphone.

- Current status, parameters and statistical report on the operation of the appliances – Gives you current and constant information about the status not only for your wall convectors, electric and combined water heaters with inserted Wi-Fi control from ELDOM, but also for external heat sources such as pallet burners, boilers and fireplaces, electric panel convectors. The system monitors and visualizes all important parameters measured by the controllers.

- Allows you to save settings to a file so you can easily restore your appliance to working properly if you make a mistake or mess up a setting, or if you change your controller.

- Daily check for mobile app updates.

Wall convectors

The new super economical wall convectors with intelligent electronic control reach energy efficiency of 39% out of 40%, which is the highest possible value according to the latest European regulations. A number of protections are provided to ensure you security, as well as many useful functions such as weekly scheduler, “open window” and “sleep” mode.

Find out more about the features of the electronic control of ELDOM wall heaters at this address or here.  

The models with the Wi-Fi communication module included in the intelligent electronic control can be found on our product page from 1st September 2018.

Instructions on how to connect your mobile device to the Wi-Fi control of the wall convectors you can watch in this link: https://youtu.be/EoZjebnvxFg

Green Line water heaters

Instructions for connecting your mobile device to the Green Line color electronics with Wi-Fi control are shown in this video: https://youtu.be/o8zrbOylXv0

Electric water heater

We are pleased to inform you that since July 2018 we are offering the most popular electric water heater Eldom – 80 liters with intelligent electronic control and Wi-Fi COMMUNICATION MODULE. Detailed description and technical characteristics of the appliance you can see in this link.


Wi-Fi control module