Energy saving water heater
with Thermal Mixing system

Ready-to-use warm water at the desired temperature

You can always count on ready-to-use warm water at the desired temperature set by you.

More than 15% savings of warm water, energy and time

Without annoying temperature adjustment in each mixer tap in your home. This prevents the loss of large amounts of water and thermal energy, and accordingly provides much more mixed warm water.

Maximum mix of warm water

The water heater keeps a large reserve of hot water available at all times to be diluted up to the desired temperature by the thermal mixing system at the outlet.

Excellent price

Excellent price – you get a quality ELDOM water heater supplied with a thermal mixing system serving simultaneously all consumers connected to the water heater. And that is at the price of only one mid-range thermal mixing faucet! The appliance is furnished complete for installation. You do not need to install new mixing faucets and incur additional costs.

Safety and ease

No scalding hazard.

Strong antibacterial protection

Although you get a ready-to-use mixed water from the thermal mixing system, your ELDOM Thermo Fix water heater provides you hot water of high sanitary and hygienic quality. This is achieved by setting the automatic capillary thermostat to the maximum level. Thus, it will switch off at 75°С. For your information all viruses and bacteria, including the popular Legionella, die at temperatures of more than 65°С.

Constant fixed temperature

Frequent changes in water mains pressure, for example when water is used in different consumption points at the same time, do not affect the selected water temperature.

3-year full warranty

3-year full warranty.

In addition , have all the benefits of ELDOM water heaters::
  • Security, thanks to the unique 6-stage protection,
  • Long life:with SHIELD technology and double cathodic protection to prevent corrosion.
  • Energy efficient: due to the thick CFC-Free insulation.