Heat Pump Water Heater 120l., Enameled

72266C HPS


2 years full warranty
full guarantee

Capacity range 120
MIX 37 ºC [l] 218
[kW] 0.88
[kW] 3,33
COP 3,4
Height x Width х Depth [mm] 1160 x 460 x 470
Weight [kg] 50
Nominal volume [l] 120

These are last generation highest energy efficiency class heat pump systems ‘air-water’. The ELDOM Heat Pump Water heaters replace successfully the traditional electric water heaters.
The Green Line Т-water heaters designed for household use and have all the features of the ELDOM traditional electric water heaters. These units can provide hot water through the water supply system simultaneously to several consumer points – kitchen bathroom, etc. They also have some significant advantages over other heat pump water heaters marketed on the domestic market:

  • INSTALLATION ON THE PLACE OF THE OLD ELECTRIC WATER HEATER – because of their identic sizes, the Т-water heater can be installed on the same location.
  • REASONABLE INVESTMENT – in case of perennial efficient use the time for return of the investments in the system is within its warranty period (2 years full warranty).
  • Special Japanese made electronic expansion valve securing higher efficiency of the heat pump even at lower ambient temperatures.
  • Innovative capacitor – The ELDOM Т-water heater is provided with external aluminum heat exchanger mounted around the tank and with significant contact area.
  • Intelligent electronic control of highest class with multiple functions integrated in the water heater. It is made in Bulgaria especially for the ELDOM Т-boilers.


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Heat Pump Water Heater 120l., Enameled